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The AirSticks™ are targeted at music education. They allow students to engage with electronic music through the use of their bodies, while experiencing and predicting the connection between their movements and the sounds produced.

The AirSticks™ invites kids to explore coding, engineering and choreography, along with the many elements of music making, from rhythm, melody, timbre and effects. Kids are learning to code, but don’t have the tools to combine the physical rhythms with the algorithms. Kids need new tools that can engage them across a broad spectrum and allow them to find their true passion. Any skills they learn on other instruments can be used and extended to unlock their creativity and help them find their passion.

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Working with ‘Safe in Sound’ to bring improvised music experiences to kids living with limited mobility

Working with Hack Sounds to give people living with autism the opportunity to experience the process of music making through the AirSticks

Through consultation with music therapists, community outreach programs and health and disability research experts, the AirSticks™ have been designed to ensure they are accessible to people with disabilities.  Collaborators include Hack Sounds, Safe in Sound and researchers at the University of Technology Sydney and Eindhoven University of Technology. Modifications were made to the custom AirSticks physical size, grip and durability. They have also been user tested by people with varying abilities (e.g people with autism and dementia).  Above is a video of a collaboration between Alon and Julian, a young person living with autism.

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Collaborating with researchers from the University of Technology Sydney and the Eindhoven University of Technology to unlock the creativity in people living with dementia