the airsticks change the way we perform and create music.

Inspired by the primitive physicality of drumming, the airsticks convert movement into sound.


the world's first fluid 3d drum synth

Allows anyone you to

x- play rhythms in SPACE, trigger and retrigger any sound or sequence imaginable, simply by uploading them into the software.

y - sustain… morph… tune… and move sounds in space.

z- by simply holding down a button, convert their body movements into perfectly synched pieces of music.


Tried and tested

The AirSticks software/hardware prototype has to this date proven itself as

X - LIGHT and portable: fit into a small backpack

Y - intuitive to use: discovered through user testing by drummers, other musicians, dancers, electronic producers and djs

Z - reliable: used in over 200 hundred performances around the world, including Sydney's Vivid Festival, New York's MET Museum and Triple J’s Hottest 100


new hardware/software package

We are about to begin preorders for the new airsticks hardware/software package. improvements include

X- wireless capability

y - improved tactile response for a better feel

z - runs off a laptop, tablet OR smartphone for improved portability


engaging/ authentic / expressive

join our sound movement... and be part of the future of music making

We are now looking for

x - anyone wanting to join our team and is passionate of our mission

y - investors and partners to help bring the future of music making sooner

z - feedback from anyone reading this