No more heavy equipment, no more cables, no more screens. Simply slash and strike through the air, embody a groove, loop it and drench it in effects. Let your body take over as every movement is transformed into sound.

The AirSticks are the brainchild of drummer/ electronic producer Alon Ilsar and computer programmer/ composer Mark Havryliv. Both hold PhDs in instrument design at the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of Wollongong respectively. The ingenious software development of Mark has enabled Alon to transform off-the-shelf gaming controllers into a unique musical instrument, performing with the instrument in scores of professional projects from Sydney to Berlin, London and New York over the last 4 years. These have included performances with actor/singer Alan Cumming at New York’s MET Museum, Australian hip hop band Thundamentals at Australia’s Splendour in the Grass and a solo audio-visual extravaganza at Sydney's Vivid Festival. The AirSticks have also been featured at TEDxSydney 2015, on Triple J’s Like a Version with Tuka and Thelma Plum, and in projects with members of Hiatus Kaiyote, Hermitude and the Cat Empire.


The AirSticks on Triple J's Like a Version

the future of music

Now it’s time to deliver the AirSticks to drummers, instrumentalists, vocalists, electronic producers, sound designers, dancers, visual artists and virtual reality developers, no matter what their level of expertise.  Our new custom hardware/software AirSticks package will enable people of all abilities to engage with electronic music, bringing computer music out of the dark ages, out from behind the laptop to front and centre stage, and into the unimaginable live performances of the future.


Interview with alon ilsar about the airsticks


the airsticks changes the way we perform and create music.

Inspired by the primitive physicality of drumming, the airsticks convert movement into sound.


We are looking for enthusiastic hardware engineers, software engineers, designers and electronic producers, anyone who feels they can help bring the AirSticks to the world. 

What you get

  • Two wireless sticks with

    • in-built motion detection sensors

    • pressure sensors for tactile feedback

    • LEDs for visual feedback

    • buttons for switching modes and triggering sounds

    • in-built speakers for quiet playing and sound spacialisation

    • capability for editing patches with the sticks themselves

    • connectivity via bluetooth to a hub

  • A hub with

    • a simple graphic interface

    • capability of saving new patches

    • analogue sound circuitry

    • audio in/out

    • MIDI in/out for synching

    • USB out to computer for control of other musical software, instruments and/or visuals

    • foot controller for switching modes, looping and triggering sounds

  • AirSticks Software allowing the

    • triggering of beautifully crafted sounds

    • morphing between these sounds using our custom algorithm

    • editing and saving of new original sounds

    • morphing between effects

    • creation of sequences with our custom air sequencer


The new custom hardware/software AirSticks package will be available in mid 2018. Get in touch to pre order.