The Airsticks™ are a revolutionary new musical instrument which reconnect body and sound by converting movement into sound, making music creation accessible to the broader community.

People, especially kids, are becoming physically, spiritually and emotionally disconnected to music making, which is widely known to have numerous benefits (e.g. health, social, cognitive and education).  Most people don’t see themselves as a musician or having the necessary skills.   


the world's first fluid 3d drum synth

The Airsticks™ have been designed to demonstrate that everyone can play. They are both easy to play and difficult to master. They combine the easy to learn, tactile and traditional mechanism of playing drums with the fluid and futuristic ability to play music in a virtual 3D playing space. The instrument provides a low entry point for beginners to have fun making sounds remotely and wirelessly on their portable device as well as a high ceiling for mastery for seasoned musicians, electronic producers and dancers of diverse skills.

Allows you to

x - play rhythms in SPACE, trigger and retrigger any sound or sequence imaginable, simply by uploading them into the software.

y - sustain… morph… tune… and move sounds in space.

z- by simply holding down a button, convert their body movements into perfectly synched pieces of music.